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What's on offer?

There are a number of ways you can show the world you're in love.

I can help you show that love, in the way that best suits you. 

Civil celebrations are super flexible in their content, with only a few legal requirements that must be included in legally binding marriages.

While I'm based in Newcastle, I'll happily travel Australia wide. 


Each couple is different, so is every ceremony.

I get to know a little about each couple I marry, and write a ceremony that tells their story.

No two ceremonies are identical.

Unlimited correspondence, a cordless PA system, and all the paperwork required to ensure you're married and BDM knows it, are included. 

Fees vary based on a number of factors, including type of ceremony and location. POA.

Registry Style Ceremonies


You may, or may not, be aware that the Newcastle office of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) closed for good a while ago, the closest now being in Sydney. 

“So what?” I hear you cry. 

“Maybe nothing!” I cry back at you.

But maybe, just maybe you and your partner had been thinking, “Huge wedding? Massive reception? Blow out costs? No way! We want to get married at the registry!”

And now I’ve told you that the office is closed. Dreams smashed!

Fear not - I can make it happen! No fancy ceremony, just the bare legal requirements to get you married.

Fees are in line with current BDM pricing, which can be found here.

MC work


Now look.

Uncle Barry is a great bloke.

He spins a good yarn, even when he's had a few. But he tends to waffle on, and he's got some questionable thoughts on today's society.

And to be honest, maybe he'd appreciate not having a job and enjoying your big day with you unencumbered. 

Maybe what you need is someone who doesn't mind directing traffic, can throw in a few one liners, and give your dad the wind up when his father of the groom speech starts to wander into your adolescent nocturnal behaviours. 

Have a chat to me about hanging around after your ceremony to be your MC.

Anything else! 

Got another function you'd like to hire an outgoing, mildly amusing, confident speaker for? Hit me up and we can have a chat.