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Legal Stuff

When you engage the services of a marriage celebrant it's a great opportunity to have the ceremony you want, crafted by a professional.


.... there are some legalities that must be adhered to for the marriage to be legally recognised and binding.

Before the ceremony

You need to fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage form. This must be filled out one calendar month before the ceremony, and is valid for 18 months. I'll email it to you about 6 months out or you can download by clicking here.

When filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage form you will need to provide proof of identity, which can take the following forms:

  • Birth Certificates – These must be original or certified copies from the country of birth.

  • Australian Passports. These may be expired (no more than 2 years) but not cancelled.

  • Overseas passports are permissible so long as they are in English or have been translated by an officially approved translator.

  • Drivers License or other photo ID (in conjuction with a birth certificate)

  • If either of you has been divorced, you will need the paperwork to prove it. Depending on when the divorce became effective, it may have one of a few names. Contact me for more details.

  • If either of you has been widowed, you will need the Death Certificate.


The ceremony

While this is super flexible, there are 4 elements that must be included: 

  • Your full names must be stated at least once.

  • The monitum, which explains the nature of the marriage relationship, as prescribed by the government (said by me).

  • The couple must say the words in subsection 45(2) of the Marriage Act 1961

  • 2 witnesses over the age of 18, capable of understanding the words that are said.


For any further information regarding government legislation on marriage please go to https://www.ag.gov.au/FamiliesAndMarriage/Marriage/Pages/Getting-married.aspx or contact me for a chat.